Julia Sanders
KINGS™ Camp Bible Teacher

“I am convinced that today more than ever children need to know Jesus personally. Child Evangelism Outreach Inc. has given me the training and opportunities to reach children. The materials are wonderful. The Biblical challenges from directors, John and Gayle, are encouraging. The opportunities are endless. I thank God for each facet of the ministry He has allowed me to be involved with, from hosting, to teaching, to being on staff at KINGS Camp™ in order to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children of Southwestern PA.”


Ben Polen
Summertime KINGS Club™ Bible Teacher

“Helping Child Evangelism Outreach Inc. over the summer of 2003 was a blessing to me as well as a time of growth. As I worked with the children in Summertime KINGS Clubs™, Kiddie Kamp™, KINGS Camp™, and face painting at the Washington County Fair, I was able to see God work and change lives. It was truly a blessing to witness a child who had realized his or her need for Christ decide to call upon him as Saviour. It was my privilege to lead several children in making that decision. It is truly uplifting to see how God will use those who are willing to further his Kingdom.

The summer was also a growth process for me because it forced me to totally rely upon God to supply my needs. I am accustomed to being fairly self-sufficient and providing for myself (as much as someone who still lives at home might). It was a bit of a struggle for me to let go, but God supplied not only the material needs that I had over the course of the summer, but also the words to answer questions I was asked about Christianity, Salvation, or the ministry of CEO. In using me to further his Kingdom over the course of the summer, He was also continuing to mold me into what He wants me to be. The whole experience was truly a blessing.”